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Astrantia question

Hi everyone,

I'm a first time poster on here but have often visited looking for inspiration or arrived here after googling for answers to gardening questions - such as how to rid my garden of the Spanish bluebells I inherited (Tough one!).

I'm hoping someone amongst the knowledgable contributors on here can help with a query about the Astrantia Censation Milano bare root plants I bought from an online supplier in February.

I have another Censation Milano in the garden which I bought from a garden centre last year.  It's a really attractive plant and is doing well in the damp clay soil in one corner of the garden. I hope to add these three to quickly make a larger patch, rather than waiting a few years to divide the one I already had.

My question is about the variety.  The leaves on the astrantia I already have in the garden have distinct deep red stems and some have a noticeable red margin, whereas the new leaves that are emerging from the bare root plants have green stems.  They look like a different variety at this stage and even the larger, older leaves aren't showing any signs of red stems.

Does anyone have this variety? Unlikely I know, but it would be really helpful to know.


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