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Hi all. New to the forum and new to gardening so please forgive my total lack of knowledge! We were bought a grape vine last year (Black Hamburg) and want to train it up the wall to the left of our bifold door then across the top. I've watched numerous videos and looked for advice but I'm still totally lost.

At the end of last year there were three main branches coming from the trunk. I did some research and somewhere said to cut the weakest of the three at the bottom and trim back the other two. The other two have loads of shoots now coming off them but don't appear to be growing at the ends - they both seem to be very dry..

So, my question is, what should I do to train them to cover the wall and how should I look after them going forward.

Thank you in advance for any advice!



  • AlchemistAlchemist Posts: 273
    Ok you’ve got 2 main stem from previous years growth and loads of side shoots breaking out (leaves on side) Now you need to train a nice strong side shoot to become the main stem for future years and quite simply pinch out the other shoots that you don’t want. I usually leave 2 extra buds on the main stem as insurance (and prune in later in summer) Also the pot looks a little on the small side for you grapes; may be the phoyonillusoon. 
  • Hi Alchemist, thanks very much for the reply.

     So shouldn’t one of the two main stems form the vertical? I did some further reading and thought i understood but of what you’re saying is correct I’m still clueless!

     If I follow what you’ve said, come Autumn I need to cut one of those two stems right at the base and cut the other one leaving one long shoot a as the vertical and two other buds, presumably trimmed right back? Is that right?



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