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Hello and advice

Is there anyone who can help me with something. 
I bought a Pease  lily a few weeks ago.  It all it's leaves was standing up. Then after a few days they began  to droop.  And became brown on a few. I thought it was because the plant needed water.  So I just added a bit just incase it was all ready waterd.  But ever since my plant is still dropping it's leaves.  
I've been reading about them. Which has confused me. It says  bright light but not direct sunlight.  Keep out of drafts. And says  cut off any Brown leaves.  Which ive done.  
Now I'm not sure if to put my plant in a corner of the room away from drafts and direct sunlight.  Or put it in the middle of the room on my coffee table. Which  will make it out of direct sunlight and away from drafts.  Out living room has 2 doors. One to enter the kitchen and the is the main living room door. We have a window near the main living room door. 
Please can anyone help. 
Thank you 


  • BijdezeeBijdezee Posts: 1,484
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    Are the brown leaves limp and brown or crisp and brown?

    I had a large peace lily and I've just this month divided it all up and repotted. They dont seem a fussy plant but do like to be on the moist side. Giving a 'bit' of water is not ideal because it does not reach down to the lower roots where its needed. When watering, you should give it a good soak and leave it for the excess to drain away, I find once a week is enough but during high temperatures might be needed twice a week. Misting is also good for peace lilies. Good light but not direct.

    I think your plant is thirsty. Hope this helps. 

  •  Bright but not direct light means that that the house plant should not be put in a bright, hot, sunny window.  It can be near the window, but not frying.  So not up by a window with a strong southern or western (afternoon) exposure.  
         I have seen peace lilies growing in a glass bowl of pebbles, no soil, under fluorescent lights in a room with no windows.  So I don't know if it is even possible to overwater them, as long as they're not potted in clay.  I suppose they require some light and possibly fertilizer in order to flower.  
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,158
    It likes a moist environment so the best way to water is, as @Bijdezee says, by soaking.   Dunk the pot in a bucket of water until all air bubble stop and then let it drain before placing it in a semi-shaded position  such as a north facing windowsill or near, but not in an east or west facing window.   Mist the plant daily with plain water. 
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