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How to start with clay soil?

Hi all!

I recently got myself an allotment and thought it would be quick and easy to set up some raised beds. I quickly learnt this was a very expensive process so I scrapped that idea and today attempted double digging. 

I’m a complete beginner and in a few of the books I got it suggested this method so I thought I’d give it a go. I started digging to find the soil is clay. After googling I think it’s dry clay.

I am absolutely clueless as what to do now as some websites say clay is impossible to work with so to use raised beds but I’d rather keep the cost down as much as pos.

Also, with a pandemic going on it makes it very difficult to get supplies. I do have a rabbit so I have plenty of manure from him but can’t really get my hands on much else. Any suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated!
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