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I need Laurel Hedging advice please.

Hi everyone. I’m new to this forum but I have been reading the comments that I have found great help. I’m struggling with my Laurel hedge that I planted in November 2019, approx 30 5ft plants all from pots spaced 3ft apart. Up until a month ago they looked great and healthy but recently some plants have taken a turn for the worse. The soil seemed good when planted and I gave them a good dose of bone meal in each hole. We had a wet winter so didn’t need to be watered until a few weeks ago. Some plants have gone yellow, loosing leaves and very dry looking. A week ago I pruned them, chopping off a good few inches off each plant (more from the ill looking plants) and gave a feed of bone meal and have been giving them a good soaking every 3 days but they only seem to be getting worse. My aim is to grow these a good 6ft high for privacy from a public foot path. I’ve realised that they might have been planted too close to the wire stock fencing but this can come down once they get growing. Any advise would be much appreciated please.


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    Hi @Jesstd - it's a very popular topic at the moment!
    I'll  give you the link to a thread which has lots of info. Ideally - you'd have cut those back by about a third after planting. Big plants are hard to establish, and the plants are shedding leaves to help retain their moisture
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    Thank you @Fairygirl. I was advised from the garden centre to only trim once they reach the height I wanted however after reading a lot of comments on here, that advice seemed to have been wrong. Do you think I should cut them down more after already trimming a week ago? It breaks my heart trimming them having paid extra for bigger plants but some don’t look happy at all. 
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    Sadly - this is the problem with bigger plants. If only people asked on here before purchasing - we could save them a lot of money! The ideal height to buy is about three feet, as these will get going quickly , with fewer problems. 
    In any case, it's worth cutting back a bit more. I think you've probably made the classic error of not thinking they needed watering when planted too. Despite the time of year, they should still have been well watered in. Did the roots need teasing out when you planted them? Often, plants that size can also be root/pot bound, as they're usually still in smallish pots. That makes it harder for them to settle in too. 

    It's also worth making that border a bit wider - the grass will compete for moisture too. If you have something to mulch them with - compost, rotted manure etc, that helps prevent moisture loss too. Wind is also very drying, so foliage can suffer moisture loss there too. 
    Fingers crossed- they'll come away again. Laurel is very tough  :)
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
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