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Neglected hebe

JacquimcmahonJacquimcmahon Paris FrancePosts: 726
Hi all. I am the sad owner of a very neglected hebe. Is he worth saving and if so any ideas of how to do it? Not sure if you can see from the photo but it’s very woody and basically only has green leaves on the tips, everything else is yellow or bare.


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,638
    You could give the top 2 inches a prune back, but unfortunately the base tends to get quite woody if not pruned from early on. I also think the pot is too small for the shrub. Looking at the type of Hebe you have, they will put on quite a bit of growth in a year. Give it a general purpose feed and maybe top-dress with some fresh compost too.
  • JacquimcmahonJacquimcmahon Paris FrancePosts: 726
    Thanks borderline, I have to admit it got completely forgotten at the back of a bunch of other pots. When I moved everything recently I realized the back had completely died off.
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,638
    There is nothing to lose if you want to cut it back harder and give it a feed to see if they can rejuvenate. I have had some success by cutting back hard, but must admit, it took a long time to recover. Just over a year, so not really reliable when cut into the very woody bits. 
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