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'Lawn' - where do I start?


I am the first to admit that I hate gardening. However, I would love for it to look nice so i need to start somewhere. Another consideration currently is that my budget is very limited, if it werent, the answer would be simple. 
See attached picture/s, there is very little grass and a lot of weed/moss/other. Where do I start? Realistically what is the time frame and what is the rough cost for new turf for this area- approx. 44sqm. 


  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 21,232
    Hello Paul. Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear that you hate gardening.

    Well, about your lawn.  What you see there is a natural environment. The plants that are growing there grow there because they like it. They like the soil type and structure. They like the amount of shade. They like the moistness. Perfect.

    Any replacement grass that you plant is going to be recolonised with the same plants as you have now unless you make dramatic changes to the soil, the shade and the moisture.

    The lawn that you have is the lawn that you will always have without chemicals, raking, aerating, mowing, more chemicals, more raking etc.

    I have a lawn that is full of moss because it’s behind a 3metre high stone wall and it faces west. There aren’t enough hours in the day, or years left on my clock, to make it look like a bowling green and I don’t like using chemicals. So I sit on it, have my cup of tea, admire the fact that it’s green, say hello to the bees as they visit the dandelions and daisies, and most of all I relax.

    I do trim the edges which makes it look neat.

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  • StevedaylillyStevedaylilly Posts: 1,087
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    Good meadow turf would cost between £4 to £6 a sq meter imo but you could go cheaper but loose the quality of the turf. Then the hard work of removing the existing lawn, particularly as gardening doesn’t seem to be your thing
    if you want to get your lawn back, then it will take a few stages as Pansyface has mentioned 
    First you will need to scarify the lawn with a metal lawn rack to remove the dead grass and particularly the moss. Before that apply a lawn weed and feed to kill of perennial weeds and moss. This will make the moss easier to remove but will leave large bare patches to the lawn and that can be very overwhelming 
    Next is aeration that will get air and water in to the lawn subsoil. This is done with a garden fork, forking the lawn at intervals of 6” and as far as the fork prongs will go down, ideally 4” to 6” deep.  Do it in stages, say 3 to 4 sq meters a day.
    Next is top dressing which is sharp sand and sieved top soil that is brushed in to the lawn and will hopefully fall in to the prepared fork holes to keep the aeration holes open   
    Lastly, Reseeding. The seed should be brought that suits your lawn condition with light and shaded area’s. Don’t over seed but spread the seed as per the instructions on the box 
    Then just water the lawn so it doesn’t become dried out at any time and your should see new green shoots in about 10 days 
    It may seem a lot of work, which it is but it all depends if you want to get your lawn looking like a lawn 

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