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Olive Tree leaf drop

I have three olive trees 
Two are looking healthy and producing new leaves
The third one is losing leaves and has been through the winter
The leaves feel dry and are grey
I tried to keep the trees fairly dry through the cold months
My question is should I now begin to water and feed it?


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 SomersetPosts: 10,501
    Hello Glyn, welcome to the forum. It's a bit strange that two out of the three olives are okay but not the third. Can you tell us a bit more please, like are they in pots, in different places, is the poorly one where it is drier perhaps.
  • Hi Lizzie
    They are all in large pots and have all been treated the same. My concern is have I not watered it sufficiently and could I prune it hard back
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