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What homemade fertiliser for my plants

Hello all.

I'm pretty new to looking after plant properly and so need some help with how to fertilise all my plants please as I'm very confused. Below is a list of plants (I know when to fertilise them but not what) and items to use for fertilising. These items are what I have at hand to use for fertiliser (please do not suggest any others as I do know about them but would like to use what I have available).

All the help you can give will be awesome and much appreciated, thank you!

Mung bean
Sweet Peppers
Apple tree (grown from seed)
Sansevier cylinder
Sansevier trifasciata
Strelitza Nicola
Dracaena marginata
Chamaedora elegant
Claudia roses
Monstera deliciosa

Ingredients (individually or as a mix I don't mind making a mix)
Tea leaves
Green tea leaves
Coffee grounds
Grass and weeds
Household food waste
Cooking water
Banana peel
Epson salt
Hamster poo
Human hair
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