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How to prune a grapevine during the growing season

I have a well-established (15 yrs+) grapevine in my greenhouse. I would like to know how to manage the new growth so that fruiting is maximised. I've attached a photograph of part of the plant. I note each year that some shoots bear flowers and some do not. I assume I should limit the number of new shoots. Can any advice be offered?


  • PerkiPerki Rossendale - LancashirePosts: 2,181
    Its a shame you've missed the winter pruning, can you see on the lower rod the stems growing vertical should of be pruned back to 1 or 2 buds but you've missed that boat but remember for next January .

    Summer pruning - leave one stem per vertical section pinching any other shoots to one leaf. When it starts to flower ( they look like grapes ) let two leafs grow after the flower bunch and pinch . Pinch any side shoot back to one leaf .

    You can let two bunches grow per stem if you wish and pinch after two leafs after the second bunch .

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  • Thanks for that. i think I understand your advice as applied to the verticals rising from the lower rod. The upper rod has bunches of shoots at various locations along its length. What would you advise for them?
  • PerkiPerki Rossendale - LancashirePosts: 2,181
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    Can you see where all the stems are coming from and each section, you want 1 leader / one stem, you could have two each section if you think they is room for air to flow to help prevent rotting fruit and sunlight to ripen the fruit, cut the rest back to one leaf so you have one / two stems per section , never cut into brown wood in spring summer or autumn. 

    The one or two stems left will form flowers so let two more leaves form after the flower bunch and cut any leaves off after that. Side shoot will form in between the main vertical stem and the leaves, pinch out with your thumb and finger / cut out or let one leaf form and keeping pinching out throughout summer, they are fast growers so keep an eye on it . 

    If the stems don't form flowers let them grow to 5 or 7 leaves then pinch .

    Done forget to give it a good watering once a week if the weather hot otherwise grapevines are draught tolerant .

    It a shame I can't show you my old grapevine I replaced it this winter with a seedless variety.
  • That’s very helpful, thank you.
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