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Newbie lawn advice

Hello everyone, first post so please go easy and apologies if this is posted in the wrong palce etc, I'm new around here :D

So was hoping for some lawn advice from the people in the know....

I've recently moved into a new place and the lawns here are in a bit of a state.  Quite lumpy and full of springy moss.  I got a big tub of Iron Sulphate and sprayed my front lawn last night and it has blackened off quite a bit and it's got me thinking of the next best steps....

Is it a fair solution to seed the whole garden then put down a bulk bag of topsoil and hope it grows...?

Another idea I was playing with was to make sure the moss is dead and no more weeds are present then rotavate the grass, flatten the area off and reseed. 

I'm sure it's not as simple as that so please any advice would be appreciated, I'm new to gardening!

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