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gjautosgjautos BuckinghamshirePosts: 321
My apologies if this has been asked before, i have run out of miracle grow for my beds. Is Tomorite a similar type feed? I have a few bottles of this as it was given to me a few months ago.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 77,300
    Tomorite (a tomato feed) has the nutrients needed to encourage flowering and fruiting, so you can use it for plants that you need fruit from, courgettes, strawberries etc. 
    Its also useful for flowering bedding plants, hanging baskets etc and flowering shrubs such as roses and clematis etc if you don’t have access to the more specialised feed. 

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  • gjautosgjautos BuckinghamshirePosts: 321
    Thanks dovefromabove. I will use it as a stop gap, i have ordered some more miracle grow but delivery has been delayed. 
    I always use tomato or rose food for all my flowering plants - annuals and perennials.  I get the cheap stuff in Home Bargains or Wilkos.  A few years ago I ran a mini ‘trial’ against some Miracle grow scrounged from my sister.  We were both happy with the results from the cheap versions and stick to them now.
  • gjautosgjautos BuckinghamshirePosts: 321
    Thanks Eric's mum. Good to know i won't kill everything at least😆.
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