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Very mossy lawn - Help! - Novice gardener!

Hello everyone! New member here :smile:

Just a bit of background:

We're new home-owners and completely new to gardening! I'm trying to sort out the lawn as it is completely full of moss, and I mean FULL! After some googling I used MiracleGro Evergreen 4 in 1 on the lawn on 21 March, following all the instructions on the packet. I then scarified the lawn as best I could with my manual scarifier on 04/05 April (leaving the 2 weeks it recommends between applying the product and scarifying). Despite filling 3 or 4 bin bags full of moss, there is still some left but i'd say 80-90% is gone! However the lawn is very patchy now with patches of bare soil and some brown patches. There is some new growth of grass however this again is patchy and growing long in some areas and not really growing in others!

So, to my question:

From looking at the pictures (apologies for the quality; first picture is just after I scarified and the second is 5 days after), could anyone give any recommendations on what I can do next to fill in the patches and make the lawn look more uniform? I am considering using some grass seed, however the Evergreen packet says to wait 8 weeks before seeding which takes us to mid-May. I think I need to go over it again with the scarifier too as there is still moss there.

Thank you!



  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 9,552
    Grass always looks scarily thin after a good scarifying and I don't think yours looks too bad considering the amount of moss you've taken out. Keep cutting it, little and often, and not too short, and see how well it thickens up over the summer. Then you can overseed in autumn. The problems with adding seed in summer are 1. keeping it watered and 2. the rest of the grass will be growing and you won't be able to cut it without disturbing the new seedlings.
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  • GartenerGartener Posts: 99
    Moss is a result of shade and poor drainage. You can address it in these ways:
    1. For Shade: it will get better in summer when the days are longer and sun reached more parts of the garden. Try reducing objects that may be casting shade on the lawn. Also when reseeding get the Shady area grass seed (e.g Wilko)
    2. For poor drainage: aerate and scarify the soil and top dress with sand. Google LawnSmith videos on this topic.

    Good Luck!
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