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which plants don't need/like fertilising? bfb or growmore?

I started putting down some fertiliser yesterday, but don't usually do things which seem happy without any; I have a number of cranesbill geraniums for example, which don't seem to need much care, so don't do these. And things like Achiilea seem pretty tough, stocks grow vigourously, also some goldenrod, which surely doesn't need help?

As understand that annuals don't flower well in a rich fertilised soil so I wonder if some other plants are the same, or is it better to do them all anyway?

usually use BFB, but have been reluctant to use a lot on account of attracting foxes, so do have some growmore granules


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    Many annual wildflowers have evolved to need few nutrients but with many cultivated plants, that has often been lost as they have been bred for other features, such as large flowers.  Consequently, many of the 'showy' annual plant varieties available do need supplemental feeding unless planted in naturally rich soil.  My solution is to improve overall soil fertility by mulching my borders with well-rotted manure annually, or using FBB where that isn't ideal.
    You're doing the right things by not bothering with plants close to their natural forms such as cranebills, yarrow, golden rod etc.
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