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Help with my laurel.

I’m a new gardener and I really need people’s help. I bought 65 laurels at 30-40 cm I planted them in compost and manure with a layer of mulch over them and we had some frost a few weeks ago and ever since then they have gotten worse each day about 15 of them have no leaves at all. They are watered Daily the soil isn’t dry or soggy and they’ve had Fertilizer also. Some of them have yellow in the leafs also. Some are good and others are bad. I kept 2 plants inside the house because they was sent out at a later date and they are fine. Any help would be appreciated. 
Also some of the stems are brown is that an indication they’re dead? I just wanted a nice screen form the road that is all. Thanks in advance. 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    I think it's best you post a few photos and ones including the soil areas too. It's difficult to advise as it could be poor planting to slight weather damage that is not unusual.  Leaves dropping can happen when they try to settle in during varying weather conditions.
  • These are taken from today about 15 are like this and the rest are not too bad some are taking off. 
  • These are the ones that haven’t been planted and the third picture is one that is planted and doing well. 
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    Thanks for the photos. They look fine to me, noticed you are planting them in a very narrow border. I suggest you dig a wider border. Eventually they will get a lot bigger. 

    Keep then all well watered throughout this year. Branches that don’t grow new leaves by May will have probably died back. Branches usually feel brittle when you push them. Good luck with it. 
  • I’ll be digging the border wider for sure. The ones that have only 1 leaf shall I cut them right back to the base or leave them? 
    The ones that are doing good shall I trim the tops or leave them? 
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    I would leave them all alone for now. If they are alive and well, they should start to form shoots soon. As long as the branches don’t dry out and turn brittle they are alive. 
  • Ok thanks again for the comments really appreciate it. I’ll check now and see if they’re a live will also running my nail down the stem and seeing if they’re green underneath the brown colour of the wood 
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