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Could I turf straight over this

jwalker2888jwalker2888 Posts: 2
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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and after some advice as I'm not very knowledgeable about anything to do with gardening.

We're just getting round to sorting our garden, I've rotivated it all, ordered the turf to come next week, however now I'm just wondering if I can turf straight on the existing soil (which is quite clay like) or if I will need to topsoil it first? 

If I could get away without topsoiling that would be great, as it would keep the cost down considerably.

Ive attached a few photos anyway, Any advice would be greatly appreciated 

Thanks all 


  • foxwalesfoxwales Posts: 67
    What is the drainage like on it if it has a lot of clay in it? Looks fine to turf on to me, get it nice and level and flat, give the soil a good watering to really drench it before laying the turf on top and keep watering and watering the turf.  Drainage is going to be the only thing that will determine how the lawn eventually looks.  Clay is rich in nutrients but causes poor drainage if heavy, no need for the top soil.
  • Andy19Andy19 Posts: 671
    I would give it a good rake looks like lots of lumps in it and would get any stones also as well.
  • Thanks for that. 

    I think drainage is fine. I built a retaining wall at the bottom and filled behind there with tones of rubble/gravel, so that should help too. 

    Yeah I will keep raking and standing on the soil as it is very lumpy. But that's good to know that topsoil doesn't seem to be required. 

    Any tips on laying the turf? I'm a builder myself, but never laid turf before now. 
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