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New lawn

Hi we have just moved into a new build and the garden is nice but haven't took no time in laying the turf. It slopes from left to right and there is little bumps and holes all over. The new turf is all set now and wondered if i could just make the little bumps and holes abit better. Cheers


  • foxwalesfoxwales Posts: 69
    Fill the holes and get rid of the bumps otherwise you'll have a wonky lawn and the turf may struggle to take, water and keep watering it well for a minimum of two weeks.  Not sure what the soil is like, but most new build gardens I see have poor drainage, so make sure the ground has decent enough drainage before laying the turf otherwise you will never have a decent looking lawn 
  • Thanks for reply. The turf has already been laid about 2 month ago. The soil underneath was sodden and i couldnt stand on it for 6 week because it would just make a footprint. The turf has now took but bumpy everywhere. Cheers
  • foxwalesfoxwales Posts: 69
    Not really much you can do at the moment.  Once the grass is properly established with roots in the base soil you could get a roller to even it out, but this will also compact the soil, if you have poor drainage already, it's going to cause problems.  
  • Thanks for letting me know. Thought i could roll it bit reading on here looks like it would be a bad idea
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