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Mystery red beetle

Hi, does anyone know what this is please?? I've just found multiple on my baby oriental lillies and on the pygmy lavender nearby, and I'm certain they're responsible for the holes in some of the baby lillies coming up. 

They can fly, which is a pain.

Any help please? If responsible, any advice on how to prevent/ get rid? 


  • B3B3 South East LondonPosts: 24,038
    Hold a tissue or put your hand under them when you go after them because their defence mechanism is to fall down and flip onto their backs so you cant see them.
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  • debs64debs64 West Midlands, on the edge of the Black Country Posts: 4,601
    KILL THEM without mercy! I check all my lilies daily 
  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,555
    And if you see clumps of gooey stuff it's lily beetle eggs and grubs so you need to spray if off with a blast from the hosepipe.   Being bright red as well as foreign invaders the adults have no natural predators s o a daily picking is necessary then crush under foot.
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  • B3B3 South East LondonPosts: 24,038
    Pots are no protection.
    I got fed up with policing mine last year so i tipped them out of their pots at the end of the season and left them outside in an empty flowerpot to await their fate. Unfortunately,they all sprouted so I've potted them up again😐
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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Derbyshire but with a Nottinghamshire postcode. Posts: 16,462
    I killed 7 on mine this morning, then went to mums to deliver food, and moved her lily pots and killed a load more.   We weren't stopped by the traffic wombles on the deserted M1. What are you doing, well a spot of beetle crushing followed by heavy lifting.  Is is essential? Definitely.
  • Thanks all!! Been spraying liberally with normal pest spray but read neem oil or soapy water is best.

    Third year of having lillies and first time I've seen them! Go figure.
  • Papi JoPapi Jo Brittany, France Posts: 3,703
    Please don't kill them lovely critters! They're so cute. I wish I had them in my garden. On the other hand I don't have lilies either.
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  • debs64debs64 West Midlands, on the edge of the Black Country Posts: 4,601
    @Papi Jo it’s not just lilies I found 5 in one digitalis plant! I hate them more than slugs! I have all my lilies in pots and check them every single day. I kill dozens 
  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 21,137
    Just looked at my lilies, been overwintering in the  GH , caught 3 of the b*ggers.

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