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Akebia quinata?

Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
Hello everyone. I haven't posted for some time but I hope that someone can help. I have an Akebia, now in its second season. Last year it put on a lot of growth and it did have a few flowers which I almost missed as they were so insignificant. As it was new I thought that it was due to its immaturity. However, having already grown new shoots getting on for a metre long and already looking as though it might become a rampant pest, the flowers are just the same as last year. I only have photographs online and the picture on its label to go by but they flowers on the plant don't match any pictures I've seen. They have no perfume either and as it is called a chocolate vine, I did expect something. The clematis, roses and honeysuckle were not the varieties ordered and I'm now wondering whether this is a rogue too. Thank you for any suggestions and do have as good a holiday season as you can.


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