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Plants for a slope

Advice please

I have a south facing slope in my garden (it's a buffer bank for main road which runs alongside), it's about 15 yards long, 6 feet high.  The soil is very light, dry and friable. Currently clearing ivy and brambles. What plants would be suitable. Some for ground cover and some shrubs that are drought tolerant. 

Will be very grateful

thanking all in advance. 

Terry of Yeovil


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,825
    Hello Terry and welcome to the forum. Plants such as Helianthemums, Lithodora, Rock Roses (Cistus), Thymes and Lavenders would do well in such a situation.
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  • Buck4Buck4 Posts: 2
    Thank you. Have made a note and will plant up once able to visit a garden centre. 
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