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Planning a lawn with fruit trees & other fruit - Need help please!

We live in Devon and have a spare piece of land which we are trying to sort out. At the moment it's just grass/weeds and we've got a mini digger for the weekend to dig and flatten it all. Hubby wants to plant some grass and have a lawn (he's a lawn fanatic) but we've also got 3 established apple trees that are already out there. One of them is going to have to be moved (not the best time to do it i know) but the other two we'll try and keep where they are. I'd really like to plant some other fruit trees (not too worried about what kind of fruit) and if possible would like to grow some berries (we eat heaps of berries but only have a few container plants at the moment). I just have ZERO idea where to start. We don't want to spend loads of money and would like something that will fruit in the next couple of years as only planning to live here probably for 5-7yrs. I've read about dwarf trees which seem like a good option? Just need to know what we can plant with what and ideally it needs to be quite hardy and easy to care for as we are not very green fingered (although very willing to learn how to care for whatever we get!) Our land is south facing and will have a 5-6ft fence all around so reasonably protected and very sunny (and usually mild being in the southwest). 

Also along the bottom of the land the fence will only be able to be around 5ft high and it backs onto a main road with pavement so any very cheap ideas to provide some privacy also very welcome (have looked into buying established hedge plants but just too expensive). We thought about trellis on top of fence with some sort of vine-like plant but really no idea. 

Many Thanks :) 


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