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Yucca looks very worse for wear - how to help him?

I was gifted an outdoor healthy yucca last summer which I planted into a border - from a bit of research I think he is a Yucca Filamentosa. Our garden is very windy and exposed but gets good sun and we have good soil. We have driphose set up in the border so he gets a regular watering. From reading it seems they are very hardy and tolerant - but he is not looking at all good. Some leaves are blackish, bottom half is all brownish crispy ones. Little to no new, healthy or green growth. 
Is this to be expected at this time of year? Is there anything I can do to look after him better? Should I cut off all his poorly looking spikes (he wont be left with much if i do that!) Would he like a feed? He was looking so grand when he came to us... 
Thank you for any advice you might have 


  • JennyJJennyJ DoncasterPosts: 7,707
    Could it have been waterlogged over the winter? Yucca prefers poorer soil and dry well-drained conditions (I think it originates from desert regions).

  • @JennyJ thank you :) 
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