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Using Stable Manure

I Have 3 bags of Stable Manure in Compost Bags. I was given them last summer. I opened them yesterday and they are very moist. Can I use them on the Garden or should I decant 
it from the bags and let it dry off


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Derbyshire but with a Nottinghamshire postcode. Posts: 16,462
    Does it smell or is it well rotted? If it doesn't smell, if you let it dry a bit , you should be able to crumble it like peat and it is fit for use.
  • Thanks both. I think I will put it in a bucket and add some water and do what Rik56 suggests as it is nowhere near being able to be crumbled. I think I left it in the bag to long as it doesn't smell but it looks like it was produced a few days ago.
    Thanks both of you 
  • Hi  So I half filled a 5Gal bucket with Manure and 3/4 filled the bucket with water. I left it for a week and then strained it off and have 3ltrs of Liquid Manure available. How do I use it for general Flowers in Borders and Tubs. Should I use it neat or water it down. If I water it down what ratio manure to water do you suggest.
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