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Half the heather has vanished

Hello again,

I am missing the inside part of my heather. Is it dying back or has something attacked it? It was full like the one on the right in my photo.

its a shame as it was lush and green before this strange change. 

Thank you



  • JennyJJennyJ DoncasterPosts: 7,673
    It looks kind of squashed. Could someone have trodden on it? Maybe when cleaning a window?
  • shadypmshadypm Posts: 60
    It does look squashed. Hmmm. I did use the foot ladders to take something down. Oh dear :( Will check later to see if there’s any foot ladder holes near it. Thank u for triggering the thought.
  • shadypmshadypm Posts: 60
    I still feel the inner is missing. Either way I can only hope it grows back. Fingers x
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