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I have just replanted the attached plant(photo) in to a sunny area and as you can see it is not looking very healthy.  The soil is light and drains well.  I also have forgotten the name. Any advice please and a name.  Thank you 


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    I suggest you either delete this thread or edit the title if you can.

    Never a good idea to post your email address on a public forum - asking for spammers to invade - and better to put a meaningful title that will attract people who can answer your query.  
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    I can't see the plant leaves very well. Was it evergreen over the winter time? If so, it could be a Coprosma Repens. They can look ropey at this time of year as some leaves will drop and small flower forms between branch stalks. The new leaves will form in a month's time. The other shrub it looks a bit like is a Corokia Virgata, both need a warm sunny space protected from the cold. As long as it is all watered in well it may just be settling in.
  • Many thanks, I have confirmed it is a Coprosma Repens Evening Glow.
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