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tips for growing dahlias and begonias please

Hi everyone. 

I have potted up some dahlia and begonia tubers for the first time and am very excited about enjoying their beauty in the summer months to come.

I've put them in the greenhouse and understand they should stay there until after the last frosts around mid May.

I am just wondering how to best look after them in the greenhouse during this time... 

How often should I be watering them - do they need a daily soaking or would this risk rotting them? Should I add any feed at this stage? Its been getting crazy hot in the greenhouse the past few days - should I be keeping the greenhouse door as well as the vent open during the day? Lastly its a small greenhouse so currently the pots are on the bottom level of my staging so they probably are not getting maximum light/sun - is that a problem at this stage? 

All advice very gratefully received! Thank you :) 
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