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What do i do now with my spring bulb lasagnes?!

Last autumn I planted bulbs for the first time - following instructions to create lasagnes in containers. Its been absolutely wonderful out on my patio since Feb - a riot of colour that has brought me so much joy - I'm addicted! 

But I have no idea what to do with them next I'm afraid...

I understand that I should cut spent flowerheads but leave all foliage to die back naturally which will take about 6 weeks. I have read I should water and feed during this time - could you tell me how often? 

Once that is done - can I just leave my bulbs in the containers for a repeat showing next year? I do not have the space the dig the bulbs up to die back in a hidden corner as I have read is suggested. If I dug them up to store them I am not sure I would know which bulb was which to replant come autumn!

I do not really have anywhere I can move my pots out of the way to either. I have some other pots on the patio though which I planned to fill with summer bulbs and bedding - so thought if these were looking lovely it would draw the eye away from the dead foilage or empty spring pots? Then the spring pots are also just ready to go for next year as well. Would this work? Or is this too easy?! 

My site is very windy but gets good sun - I didn't move my spring pots or wrap them in bubble wrap when it got a bit frosty over winter and they have all flowered just fine. The pots are close to the house so I guess get a bit of shelter. 

The bulbs in question are: 
container 1: crocus, persian prince tulip, alliums 
container 2: crocus, anemone blanda, double tulips 
container 3: muscari, scilla, hyacinth, single late tulip
container 4: iris reticulata, anemone blanda, persian prince tulip

The crocus and iris reticulata just suddenly disappeared one day as the tulips emerged and suffocated them! This means I did not dehead any of their flowers - will this be a problem for them coming back next year? 

Apologies if many of these are silly questions, any help or advice from people more experienced would be really appreciated :) 

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