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Rose help please..

Hi again.. so I promise I wont become a daily question poster... but.... I do have another question I'd like some help with please. As I mentioned yesterday, we recently moved into our new house, and the garden was awfully overgrown!!.. 2/3's of the garden was covered with overgrown dense shrub - alot of which hadnt seen sunlight in years I think. 
We have managed to save some of the plants and they are in the stages of recovering. Im told from the neighbours that the rose in the pics below hasnt flowered for years. My question is though - Im really nervous around roses as I've not had much success with them over the years - The rose was buried literally in feet of dense overgrowth. The lower stages of the plant have clearly really suffered and it seems like the branches are all but dead. With the top thriving so well now, I was wondering what I can do to the lower parts of the plant. Would you advise taking off the dead twig with no growth on? My initial thought was to take away all the twigs below the green foliage and hope the shurb fills out again... but will be guided by your advise. The other thing I would like to ask is, is there any advice regarding plant care? Do I need to dead head when the flowers grow back or do they drop off themselves and to achieve best aesthetics when would be the best time to prune and how hard back should I prune it. 




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