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Growing Veg without Slugs/Snails

TerrysWorldTerrysWorld Posts: 170
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With the current situation I want to seed some Lettuce.

Last year I planted Lettuce in a large container. Once the seedlings were picked and replanted and grown alittle. I covered the surface with grit to defer the slugs and snails.
But was defeated, as the Lettuce grew ready for harvesting the slugs had eaten/attacked them.

I've thought of a moat with a container within a container surrounded with water.

Any ideas ??
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  • Nighttime patrols snipping in half the easy solution. They ate a few of my salad leaves but we ate most of them in the end 😉 encouraging birds also helps a bit too. 
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  • TerrysWorldTerrysWorld Posts: 170
    I also laid Pubs and Yeast traps around not far away, which worked and yet they still attacked. Like said there must be hundreds of em.
    South Monmouthshire stuck in the middle between George and the Dragon
  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601
    If you plant in a container you can stand the container on bricks in a tray of water. The slugs will not cross the water. However, you won't get many lettuce. Night patrols have been the only answer in my garden, and believe me, I've tried everything. I don't snip, there is no way I want thousands of dead slugs decomposing round my garden, I put them into a bucket with an inch or two of VERY salty water and tip the results down the drain.
  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,500
    With a crop like lettuce that you don't grow many of at a time, you can protect them by putting clear plastic containers over them.  I maintain a stock of 5-litre water containers with the bottoms cut off and, after planting out the seedlings, I put a container over each one and 'wriggle' it into the loose soil.  To be doubly sure, you can sprinkle a few small slug pellets before doing so.
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