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Pinching out seedlings

Hi All

I'm originally from the UK but I live in Canada now so this year's seedling have only been going for a few weeks but I'm interested to find out about pinching out. 

Last year I read about pinching my coleus seedlings tips, which resulted in amazing bushy plants compared to other years. I'm growing quite a variety of plants and although I've been able to find information about pinching out some of them, such as cosmos and dahlia, I'm left unsure about others. If you have any knowledge or experience with pinching out the following seedlings such as how tall they should be please help. The ones I'm not sure about are

Verbena Quartz
Verbena Tuscany 
Snapdragon candy tops
Petunia coolwave
Million bells

I know this is a lot but information online can be vague and I don't have anyone else to ask. 

Thanks in advance 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,685
    All of those can be pinched out. Take the top out above three pairs of leaves on most of them.
  • Thank you. How big would you allow them to get before doing that? Or do you mean to pinch out once they have 3 sets of leaves (just above these uppermost set of leaves)? 
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