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Growing from seed in greenhouse?

I have a heated greenhouse and I was just wondering rather then me starting all seeds off indoors under a propergator, can I just sow the seeds in trays/ pots and grow them in the greenhouse and not cover them over? Obviously keeping them moist etc?



  • alex9491alex9491 Posts: 10
    Well I’ve sown French beans, broad beans, courgette, cucumber and a couple of perennial plants, the peppers are inside in a propergator as didn’t want to risk no success with them ha
  • alex9491alex9491 Posts: 10
    I usually buy the vegetable plants as they become available but what with what’s going on I thought it might be hard to get hold of them, so growing from seed is kinda new for me, so any advice is much appreciated 
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    All of those you mention are fine sown and germinated in a heated greenhouse and you got it right with the peppers as those need higher temps to germinate. 👍
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  • alex9491alex9491 Posts: 10
    Thank you for the help!
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