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Rejuvinating Jasmine

dj_holmesdj_holmes Posts: 10
We have just moved house and have managed to transfer a jasmine plant we had been growing for some time in a pot at our old house. We have put it into the ground now in the hope it will spring into life having not flowered for some time (I've been putting this down to it being potted). I have attached it to trellis and am training it around the our seating area but I have noticed a cluster of what looks like unhealthy plant that maybe is struggling at the bottom. I've attached a couple of pictures and just wonder if someone could offer some guidance as to whether I should be thinning out the bottom and removing this area that hasn't seemed to grow at all for some time..... any guidance is hugely appreciated!! The plant has huge sentimental value to us and now its in the ground I really want it to be at its best. 



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    I think your plant is Solanum Laxum 'Album', a vigorous climber that scrambles about. I think you should thin that bottom section, you can see it wants to scramble along the ground.

    Needs a sheltered wall, preferably south or west facing, but if grown in free draining soil regardless of aspect, in a micro-climate, it will put on a lot of growth quickly once established. Will flower if planted in a sunny spot.
  • dj_holmesdj_holmes Posts: 10
    Perfect!!!! thankyou very much Borderline!!!! This afternoons job then. 
  • Ryan180680Ryan180680 Posts: 202
    I planted one last year and initially it didn't look healthy. However I kept feeding it with a seaweed feed every few weeks through growing season and by mid summer it was thriving 
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