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Inspiration - What to plant in front garden corner?

Hi folks

I'm very new to gardening and I was wondering if you would have any suggestions as to what I could plant in my front garden corner please?

I'm based in Northern Ireland so there is no shortage of moisture but sunshine is somewhat lacking. The area is exposed to the elements and the corner points to the east, the brick work faces west. The sides measure 10 feet and it runs 12 feet along the front. I have no idea what soil type I have but there is an old existing forrest flame that seems to do well and I read somewhere that they favour acidic soil? I could be making that up. If possible I'd like to cut the forrest flame back and keep it. There is also an old and weary azalea in the corner that doesn't flower.

If you would have any suggestions or advice as to what I could plant for year round colour and interest, I'd very much appreciate it. I've had a Google and I quite like the look of heucheras and hostas. Also the little lime hydrangea is very attractive but I feel seriously out of my depth with this and would greatly appreciated any advice or suggestions you may have.

Many thanks and stay well


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