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Fast-growing spots on lawn

I laid a brand new lawn the summer before last (so it's had one full year) from turf. It has been doing OK but I notice as it is just starting to grow, a few spots grass is growing far faster. Sort of like hairs on your moles on your skin, to use a comparison. It's different to how some parts of a lawn often grow faster, this is very isolated.

Is this likely 'weed grass' or something else? What can I do about it... this is a small lawn I am trying to keep fairly well tended.


  • AnniDAnniD South West UKPosts: 11,011
    I'm guessing it's where there's a different variety of grass showing. Regular mowing should sort it, but it may be something like "Yorkshire Fog".
    You could post a photo to see if one of the lawn experts on here can identify it  :)
  • MisterBoyMisterBoy Posts: 52
    I'll cut it and get a photo when it shoots up... suddenly the whole lawn has come to life this weekend!
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