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Supporting Fruit Trees, Shrubs etc.

nick615nick615 SW IrelandPosts: 1,239

With new items in the garden, they often need a bit of support before they mature.  Fine string and cords will often cause the foliage to break in the wind so broader options will be better.  There are two readily available options that can be salvaged free.

On any construction site one can often see discardedhalf tonne bags that have split whilst dispensing their contents of sand or ballast, but one part of them that is usually last to fail are the lifting straps at the four corners which can be detached by carefully cutting the stitching with a Stanley knife or similar.

Equally easy to obtain are the seat belts from a wrecked car.  Seldom are the belts removed to be used for spares so the 'crop' from just one vehicle will probably yield enough to take care of all your life's support needs plus an odd shoulder strap that needs replacing.

Also shown above is a handy little thing for making the withdrawal of nails slightly easier.  By moving the hammer head or other tool up the 'steps' the nail can be gradually removed without either bending it, if it may be needed again, or enlarging the hole in the timber which may be undesirable.

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