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Plant identification/advice ('Lawn weeds'):

OwlbearOwlbear Posts: 49
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Back with another query for someone with more experience. Last year we dug over and reseeded our small patch of grass (can't really call it a lawn, it's only about roughly 1.5m x 6-7m). It's still a bit patchy, so it's obviously a work in progress.

However in the meantime, due to turning over the soil, seeds have obviously been brought up and germinated resulting in a number of 'weeds'. Most have been Bittercress and a lot of Mercury (which I've pulled out).

However there are a few others in there including some Clover (I think White Clover) which I was wondering about leaving. However since I have no idea as to the wisdom of that, I thought I'd ask anyone with more experience what they are and whether they would work with/between the grass rather than dominating it.

Plant 1: (From my own searching I think this might be Germander Speedwell but not sure?)

Plant 2: (This is maybe 3/4 inches across)



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