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Which trees / bushes for screening and wild life?

Hi, sorry if this seems silly but this is my first post. My back garden is on a corner plot and the back garden is overlooked by the street going down the side of my house. I was thinking about small trees to make my garden feel a bit more private and also attract wildlife. As you can see from pics I have small children so not really wanting trees to overtake the garden. Any help or ideas welcome. I have attached a few pics to show you what I mean. 
Thanks in advance.👍🏻


  • Butterfly66Butterfly66 BirminghamPosts: 766
    Silver birch and Rowand trees are good for wildlife and have quite a light canopy so will help with screening without casting a dense shade. 
    A mixed native hedge would also be good but I guess you might not want to lose that much space.
    crab apples Are also good but do check the specific details for the variety you see as some are quite wide and spreading.
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