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How long should I leave my leeks in this seed tray ?


  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,285
    Remember, what you're looking for is the eventual white bit that will be below ground level.  Leeks are one of the crops that are especially keen on chicken manure pellets, so I'd get some if you can, put a few in an old milk container, fill with water, shake vigorously and feed your tray with that to encourage your seedlings.  Once they're about 12" or 30cm high, dib holes of that depth, drop in a few pellets, gently insert the seedling as far as possible, fill the holes with water so that some of the soil washes down round the roots and sit back and wait.  They're a valuable winter standby, as they can be left in the ground well into winter and simply dug as required. 
  • I read in a few places that they are good to plant out when about pencil thickness.
  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,285
    I've read that, too, but I always go by length and get a reasonable crop, so I stick with it.  There's no hard and fast rule.
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