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Moving lavender?

Standen1Standen1 Posts: 65
Hi everyone
I have a lavender (about 18inches high) that I would like to move - haven’t moved one before - can it be done at this time of the year and any tips please? Many thanks


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Spring is a good time to be moving and dividing plants, especially if you have heavy damp soil. Prepare the new planting area in advance, then dig up the plant with as much surrounding soil as possible and replant immediately.

    If you have dry or very free draining soil make sure the plants are watered in straight away and they may need watering-in over the next few weeks to settle in. On more heavier damp soil, water in thoroughly after planting in, and keep an eye on the dry weather. If dry with no rain over next few weeks, water them again to help them settle in.
  • Standen1Standen1 Posts: 65
    Many thanks Borderline, will have to be brave and give it a go!🙂
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