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Pineapple sage, when to prune?

My pineapple sage starred flowering in October, and is still flowering!! I would like to prune it as it has gone tall and leggy, but all advice says to prune in late autumn/winter, but I didn't because of the beautiful flowers! Is it ok to prune now? 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    I'm assuming this is Salvia Elegans? In which case they can be pruned back now, but not into the woody areas.
  • Well I bit the bullet and hard pruned it 3 weeks ago. I also had to move it out of the Belfast sink it was as I was given some cherry tomato plants (not grown these for years) And thanks to the garden Gods the sage is shooting out!!

  • Four weeks later!
  • Looks great, love adding it to a jug of orange and lemon squash for a herby nuance ;)
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  • I'll give that a try 🌿
  • DianaWDianaW Posts: 62
    Mine have just begun flowering again, despite having become brittle as well as very leggy. They barely stopped flowering all winter.
    Is there any dormant season when one can safely prune this plant, or is this just a result of that strangely mild and dry winter?
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