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Hi. I have a bare narrow plot which separates my open front garden from my neighbours, about 6m x 1m. It formerly  grew a old cotoneaster hedge which unfortunately succumbed  to a roof jumping cat and heavy snow - it snapped at the base  .We kept it trimmed to a 3ft hedge but the roots had begun to invade and lift the tarmac drives  sat either side . My 2 neighbours have now  completely paved their drives and front gardens, so this winter saw the plot very wet and is now mossy  as we gave re only bare earth/grass fir 3 houses. But them we did have exceptional rain. The plot is south facing, exposed to direct winds off The Wrekin, and the sil appears clayish  in the hot summer it gets very dry. I was hopi g to plant a lovely lavender hedge as I want something a couple of feet high , preferably evergreen, ground cover,  to delineate.  But I think the roots may rot . I also though of bergenia but its a bit 'supermarket car park' as a solitary border. We have snail problem so thought hosts might not fare well, although I could raise this border. Has anyone any other ideas? We are in the Midlands . Thanks.   


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    Hallo Charli and welcome to the forum.  I can let you have some cuttings of Sicilian chamomile Anthemis punctata.  It roots easily from cuttings so it will fill your border in a couple of seasons.  It might be too low for your purpose though, only grows to about 8"high.  Pretty evergreen aromatic foliage, and masses of daisy flowers in spring.  If you can be bothered dead-heading it, you'll get more flowers.  It tolerates most conditions as long as it gets some sun. And it smothers weeds.
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