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Embankment - advice on trees or shrubs to plant

ian 49ian 49 Posts: 10
Dear Gardening Colleagues,

I’d be grateful if someone could advice on trees or shrubs to place on my newly repaired embankment.

I’m conscious that the embankment slope is steep and with a torrential downpour the soil will run off. I’m looking to plant trees/shrubs/plants where the roots will hold the soil and are low maintenance.

Also, any advise on where to purchase the plants online would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you for helping me rebuild and old cottage I purchase a couple of years ago which was left in disrepair.

Warm regards,



  • Butterfly66Butterfly66 Posts: 883
    Hello, that certainly does look quite steep and I think you probably need to think about using something to stabilise the soil whilst the planting matures. The RHS site has some advice including suggested plants which may help.
    Re the plants - it’s quite a big area so it may be worth seeing if you could place an order with any local wholesale nursery rather than garden centre for the quantities involved.
    Online sell at wholesale prices to the public and despite the name sell more than just bulbs. I haven’t used them for plants but their bulbs are good. You have to buy minimum quantities but the number needed is not ridiculous if you are planting a large area.
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