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Pinks - Like I remember them?

When I was growing up (late 80s/early 90s) I remember my parents had some pinks growing on a gravelly little patch of soil beside the west-facing patio. They were quite low growing, had quite thin leaves and quite plain pink flowers (but weren't an alpine type - bigger than that). Most importantly, they were quite vigorous and formed a big clump, and had a REALLY strong scent in the evenings.

When I've tried to grow pinks in my own garden now though, all the varieties you seem to find in the garden centre (Doris, Gran's Favourite, etc) seem to have less scent, seem to get leggy very quickly without forming clumps, and also seem to have bigger leaves than I remember.

Any recommendations for what the type of pinks I remember might have been? I guess it would have been a variety that was widely available in the late 80s?


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