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Plant ID please

lissalissa Posts: 14

Could anyone help me with this plant ID, I have a few around the garden and then keep coming back, I am guessing its a weed?
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  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 13,262
    Green alkanet, difficult to remove as has long tap roots.
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  • Agree.It seeds very freely too.
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  • lissalissa Posts: 14
    Thanks everyone!
  • Butterfly66Butterfly66 Posts: 783
    Our garden was full of alkanet when we moved in and we have gradually got it under control although we allow it to grow in some areas so always have some straying.  I think the flowers are a lovely blue and it’s adored by lots of pollinators. I try and make sure I cut them all back before they set seed (we then get a second flush of flowers too). 

    it is a thug and you need to get out most if the root to be sure it won’t return. Some of ours we couldn’t get at the roots (too near to trees, fences etc) so I would keep pulling off all the leaves until they gave up.
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  • lissalissa Posts: 14
    Thanks Butterfly66, that's really helpful, I will be out there today with a spade trying to get out as much root as possible
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