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Dracena Cuttings


In my previous question I asked about cutting my Dracena plants. I am worried I have developed a problem with the cuttings and hope I have not lost these plants.

Seems that some cuttings have developed holes. Not sure if this is from too  much water or not enough. The tops I have in water but no sign or roots yet and original pots have not changed as I had hoped. 

I have cuttings planted 4 ways. in water, in perlite with a bit of cactus soil, in soil, and a couple pieces about 2 inches buried in soil. found that one in a post online.

Any advice would be helpful. I did use a rooting agent.  But and not see any changes. Honestly have no idea what I am doing wrong. Details would be helpful. How damp or dry should soil be? and the likes. 

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