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Moving Hydangrea and fuscia.

Hi guys,
I need to move my hydangria and fuscia,they are well established but just in the wrong position. Ive deadheaded the hydangria but should I prune it right down before I move it? Any advice welcome,thanks guys!!



  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,955
    Hi @magsgarangel123902 - it's always better to prune back mature shrubs when you want to move them. It makes it much easier for them to establish.
    You obviously lose the flowers etc for a while, but as long as you're careful with the pruning back, and do the usual processes when digging up and replanting it should be fine. If you can prep the new planting holes before digging up [as well as is possible ] that makes it easier too.
    A good watering before and after, and keep an eye on them for the next few months, especially in drier spells, and they should recover  :)
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  • JoeXJoeX Posts: 1,783
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    Personally I wouldn’t cut it to the ground, depends on the size of course but pruning back as Fairygirl says.  I’ve moved a hydrangea a couple of times and still got flowers.  

    I’d get it done before soon, as I think the spring proper is around the corner and for me in Kent, the last frost may be out of the way.

    mine got their growing boots on a few weeks ago.
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