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Moving some well established shrubs

good afternoon 

i have recently moved in to a new home. We are having an extension built and I will need to move some well established shrubs. I would preferably like to keep these shrubs if possible. What would be the best way to dig them up and re-plant them? The shrubs I have are - 

1, rock spray cotoneaster 130cm tall and 2m wide

2, rose ( not sure what type)

3, evergreen spindle ? 140cm tall and 80cm wide

4, two large fuchsia 140cm tall and 140cm wide. 

Would it be worth cutting any any of these back beforehand? 

Many thanks 


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    I'd certainly cut back the Euonymous.
    Probably the rose [although I know nothing about them] as it would probably be beneficial anyway. @Marlorena would be able to advise.
    The cotoneaster too, but, to be honest, you might find you have little seedlings around, as the birds like to provide those after eating the berries  :)
    Are they hardy fuchsias? If so, it would be the same. 
    Moving anything established is always a gamble, and some will do better than others too. Cutting them back helps them as they would struggle to establish while supporting a lot of top growth.
    If you give them plenty of water before moving, and keep an eye on that too - especially heading into summer - you should be ok, assuming the new spots you have for them are also suitable. You could pot them up if that's an option too. Get as big a rootball as you can too.

    You could always do a few cuttings of the Euonymous and Fuchsia too. No harm in trying.  :)
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