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Soil Prep After Leylandii

Hello all :)

Hoping for some help, (agin :blush: )

Inherited 4 leylandii when we moved to our present home, x2 sets of 2, set on the West facing side of our garden in beds approx 15ft x 8ft with a patio between. Reduced their height when we moved in, subsequently kept them at around 15ft approx.

I've taken an age to address these and put in something better but in February I got a friend to cut them down to the ground leaving the stumps.

As I thought I had plenty time I gradually dug round and under the first set of 2 stumps, (3ft wide and 2ft wide) and removed them from the bed, which is now empty. 

My intention had been to improve the  leylandii impoverished soil with well rotted manure prior to getting some lilac, buddleia, other plants TBA, and (in autumn probably), a small tree in there.

Unfortunately, due to no unneccesarry travel I have no way of sourcing manure, but I do have supermarket compost (7 bags), that I bought when on offer a few weeks ago.

Any thoughts on just adding the compost and planting? The plants really need to go in as they've been potted up into the biggest pots I have and are needing out of them.

A 2nd question also: as i fill in the 2 massive holes the stumps have come out of, do I tramp down the soil as I fill, (say every foot or so), or do I tramp the soil down once I have the holes fully filled.

Sorry for the newbie questions, again, thanks in advance. :)
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