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Can you transplant cuttings into a tree to save it?

Genuine question- I know close to nothing about gardening!

A few years back, I planted a few rows of Leyland Cypres in different places of my garden.

The ones in the front garden are doing really well despite being planted close to each other (0.5m)- my attempt to gain privacy.

The row in the back garden was planted a few years back and branches started dying from the bottom-up a year ago. I shamefully admit ignoring them for a year but having more time now, sitting at home, I would like to save them. Despite not being fashionable or popular, I really like them!
I trimmed them carefully so they do not grow to much into each other to avoid damage but cutting the dead branches at the bottom created big gaps- I had to remove about a quarter of some trees. 

I have read that these branches will not grow back- that's how conifers grow- but was wondering if I can transplant them from different parts of the tree? I have seen gardeners doing it on video clips but do not know if it would work on my Leylands all the same. If so, I could regrow the missing parts of a hedge.

Please advise!

Thank you


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,166
    I'm not sure what you mean. If you take cuttings from the tree, root them in individual pots and then plant them in the gaps, they will struggle to grow because the older trees will suck up any nutrients and water, and also probably  give it too much shade. If you mean could you graft a leafy cutting onto a lower leafless  branch to fill the gap, then the answer is no.
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  • Yes, I was going for the second option. Do you mean 'no- I have not heard of it done with this type of plant' or 'no- it will fail'. 
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 79,527
    It will fail ... as @fidgetbones says, that sort of grafting will not work. 
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