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Any advice for replacing a dying escallonia hedge?

JadeyJadey Posts: 36
We live on a hill and our back garden backs onto an open field. it is VERY windy. Fences usually only last a couple of years before being damaged so we decided to plant an escallonia hedge a few years back. Unfortunately, the whole hedge got leaf spot very quickly. We spent 2 years trying to treat it but it just keeps coming back and the hedge is mostly bald for the bottom 2 feet. We suspect the hedge will die in another year or 2/3. However, it has taken so long for it to grow to a height that actually creates a screen from the field that we're loathe to rip it out and start again. I'm thinking of planting a Yew hedge just in front so that the escallonia can keep providing a screen until the yew has established (plants currently only 20cm high). Any better ideas? Or any advice on planting, e.g. how far the yew needs to be from the escallonia? Don't want to risk planting too close if it could fail to establish because the older escallonia sucks up all the water/nutrients but also keen not to have a big gap and lose 50cm/1m of garden.
Any advice anyone can offer would be much appreciated.
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